Film Leben – is the motto of the short film festival, which will take place for the fifth time in Ilmenau (Thuringia) from July 08-11, 2021. For a long weekend Ilmenau lives under the sign of film and presents itself as a special media location in Germany through the unique combination of nature, culture and technology.

The aim is to promote young filmmakers, to bring together filmmakers from all over the world and to give film enthusiasts of all ages interactive insights into filmmaking. In addition, people are to come together at extraordinary locations to experience the medium of film in a unique way.

LEBEN, as the guiding principle of the entire festival, forms the orientation for the three event focuses – animate, exemplify and experience – and thus the uniqueness of this film festival.

beLEBEN -Young artists from all over the world enliven the festival with their creative film contributions in a total of eight categories. From children’s to drama to horror, there is something for everyone.

vorLEBEN – As part of the Film Leben Festival, we offer interactive workshops on the medium of film. Under professional guidance, film enthusiasts can gain behind-the-scenes insights and try their hand at acting or camera techniques.

erLEBEN – All short films are shown at extraordinary locations in Ilmenau. Thus, we offer the opportunity to experience the city and the medium of film in a unique way.

Festival 2012

The Film Leben Festival was held for the first time from July 5-8, 2012. What started as a small idea in the minds of two students of the Ilmenau University of Technology quickly became a great project that met with much enthusiasm.

Over four days, 59 short films were shown in six categories at eight locations.

Festival 2014

The unique atmosphere of the 2012 festival captivated everyone, so it was soon clear that there would be a sequel. The second Film Leben Festival took place from May 22-25, 2014. With a lot of vigor, the goal was to follow up on 2012 just as great and establish Ilmenau as a media location in Thuringia.

After over 1000 film submissions, 85 short films were selected for the festival. In now eight categories, the best films were awarded by a five-member jury.

Festival 2016

After the first two Film Leben Festivals had already been such a success, the aim in 2016 was to build on this and present Ilmenau once again under the sign of film. The third festival took place from May 18-22, 2016 and again inspired many film enthusiasts. From 843 submissions, the jury selected the best 88 short films and in May chose the lucky winners from the 8 categories Animation, Crime/Thriller, Experimental, Children’s and Youth Film, Horror, Science Fiction/Fantasy, Documentary and Drama/Comedy.

Festival 2018

After the successful realization of the festivals from the previous years, the Film Leben Festival 2018 from 06 – 10 June could also be a complete success! With over 3,000 films submitted and over 1,000 visitors, the best short films in the 8 different categories could be chosen as the winner!

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